Friday news catchup

It’s Friday and I’m swamped with other work (which is why no posts yesterday), but I’m trying to not leave you in the lurch for your goofing off on the last day of the week. See, unlike your bosses, I know you’re screwing around there at your desk with a spreadsheet open in the background, ready to be foregrounded at a moment’s notice if someone walks by. I’m just thankful you’re choosing to read bookish things instead of playing Minesweeper. Listen, it’s 2021 — we have to take the little victories.

Awards news

Splitting out the awards news today so I can brag a little extra about some friends and students and students who are friends.

FOLD is underway

I’m going to be blunt: the people behind FOLD are the smartest people working in books in this country. Have you seen their virtual fair? Holy shit, it looks amazing. It should be used a model for every virtual, multi-day event to come after. So clean, so intuitive, so clearly and accessible laid out. Plus, look at that line-up. Every time I receive or see something from FOLD, I think, “Damn, this is an arts organization that knows how to a) make it happen, and b) spend money the right way.” Here’s to many more years of this fantastic event. (Even if you can’t attend events live, they’ll be available for viewing after, if you sign up.)

The Festival of Literary Diversity was founded in 2014 by author Jael Richardson. In May 2016, the first festival devoted to underrepresented authors and storytellers was presented in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Since then, the festival continues to provide an important space for writers from marginalized communities to discuss their craft and the challenges involved in creating stories that ask difficult questions, expose hard truths and push literary boundaries. Register today for an individual pass, a bundle of passes, or as a school group.