We need to talk about Margaret Atwood…

Question: why will I never look this good? Answer: I am not Margaret Atwood. Or a broomless witch with a new book that is like catnip for anyone who ever went to high school.

  • Peggy’s fashion shoot splashes across the world to coincide with the release of something. Not sure what. Anyone know? Does she have a new book out? (PS: this stuff hurts to look at if you’re a mid-list author who can’t even get her publicist to book you an ad in the Quill)
  • Her new book is The Testaments
  • It is apparently getting reviewed and profiled on every flat surface in creation
  • She “waited” 30 years to write it. Why? (A: cha-ching)
  • A few years ago I remember her pulling her book from GG and Giller contention, if not the Booker, ostensibly to let others have a crack at it. Not this time.
  • Just saying: Amazon’s embargo fiasco would have been a good chance for someone who is a product of the indy / literary scene (publishers and bookstore both) to say, “Hey, Amazon, perhaps you should not be a pack of douches.” This seems …. a little short of that.
  • She’s been a divisive person lately, especially on “the social medias” within the diverse left-wing communities that have typically helped venerate her, but I can get behind this list of women who will change the world, especially given Esi’s inclusion

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