Maybe the culture ministers around the world should dis poetry next….?

The Russian culture minister calls comic books “pathetic” and their sales go up. Ah, Russia. I wonder if this was all caught on dashcam?

The minister, Vladimir Medinsky, told an audience at the Moscow international book fair that comics are “like chewing gum, it’s not food”. “Comic books are aimed at children who are only learning to read,” he added. “I think it’s pathetic for adults to read comic books.”
Medinsky’s comments angered hundreds of fans, who have been expressing their outrage on social media using the hashtags #ImAMoron and #IReadComics. “We are not idiots,” wrote the Chuk and Geek comic store on its Facebook page, while one fan wrote on Twitter that he had been reading comics for almost 20 years, and “I’m not planning on stopping any time soon. No one will convince me otherwise. Why? Because comics have given me so much, taught me so much, shown me so many things. And I’m not so dumb as to give all this up.”

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