Self-help in the time of Millennials

Boomers were about “me” and millenials are about “we”? Meh. We’ll see. Boomers were damn hippies all about “we” at one point as well. Hopefully the young hipsters can see this through to the end of their very Millenial lives.

Of course, focusing on the individual runs the risk of skirting the larger responsibilities of society by holding us all fully accountable for our own well-being. But this fixation on what goes on inside of a single human heart, and the emphasis on its utmost importance, is no longer going unchallenged in the self-help realm. To better realize its potential, “self-help” must address how badly we want institutional solutions for our broken systems. We want not to be just good, but to live well. We even have a ubiquitous word for that: wellness.

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