The sweatshop workers have spoken!

A group of Amazon employees pushing for change within the all-consuming retail amoeba seem to have scored a victory. At last report, Jeff Bezos was probably instructing his emotionless assassinbulters to “release the hounds.”

The Amazon Employees for Climate Justice group only came together last October, when the group managed to present a shareholder resolution at the company’s annual shareholders meeting. That resolution, which asked that Amazon use its unfathomable weight to support innovations that would reduce its carbon footprint and combat climate change, did not get passed. Thousands of employees later signed a letter to Bezos making similar demands, however. While the letter was circulating, Amazon announced Shipment Zero, a plan to bring its carbon emissions to zero at an unspecified date in the future.

Certain that “Amazon could do better,” says Naidu, the group planned today’s protest. They announced their intentions a few weeks ago, perhaps hoping that Bezos would preemptively respond to their three demands:

1. Zero emissions by 2030: Pilot electric vehicles first in communities most impacted by our pollution
2. Zero custom Amazon Web Services (AWS) contracts for fossil fuel companies to accelerate oil and gas extraction
3. Zero funding for climate denying lobbyists and politicians

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