Megan Gail Coles in her own words

If you haven’t yet read MGC’s (known in this house as “Meg”) new book, Small Game Hunting at the Local Coward’s Gun Club, you really should. I’m not going to lie to you that it’s an easy read. It’s uncompromising and stark and harrowing. That said, I think it should win mostly everything this year. Here’s the author at the CBC talking about how she did it.

“Some people talk about unconditional love as if means that you will continue to love someone regardless of their flaws and without any amount of examination. But I don’t think that does anybody justice. I think it is far more respectful of people that you love, of places that you love, that you know them for everything that they are. I love Newfoundland despite all of the bad bits. I know our best bits very well — that’s what formed me, what made me who I am. But I’m also aware of the things that it can improve upon and how sometimes ignoring or refusing to acknowledge those aspects of our character can endanger people in our communities.

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