Concordia creative writing sexual harassment investigation ends

The letter sent to the complainant seems long on assurances but short on details. CBC is reporting that accused professor Jon Paul Fiorentino is no long employed by Concordia, but it’s not apparent whether this is a direct result of the investigation.

“I want to inform you that the necessary steps and actions in response to this matter have been taken,” Willsher said.

Willsher then explained that privacy laws prevented her from giving any more details.

“I can however assure you that this matter was thoroughly analyzed and evaluated and that any actions taken are commensurate with the findings of the investigation,” Willsher concluded.

Aaaaaand thank you law team at Concordia for that … nothing. This is what passes for apology and transparency in the age of the ubiquitous lawsuit designed to shut people up. (I hope the complainant was asked for permission to publish her photo as part of this article.)

UPDATE: Read the complainant’s Twitter thread on the process and result here. She should get a medal for going through this.

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