Shame on Toronto Public Library

Well, despite the thousands of names on the petition and the hundreds of gathered protesters, the anti-trans talk was given last night at the Toronto Public Library, damaging their reputation with the community and solidifying the perception that they are a safe and legitimizing space for hate. Nice work, TPL! The speaker and audience members were jeered soundly by the gathered as police escorted them out. My favourite part is how Meghan Murphy, who appears to be the human equivalent of a lump of shit knotted in a tangle of ass hair, tries to do damage control, saying she’s been maligned and clarifying her position: which actually bolsters everything being said about her.

One thought on “Shame on Toronto Public Library

  1. Dear Sir,
    Well done. Your description of M. Murphy is a good example of hateful speech, not hate speech. It is a good thing for all of us that you and the people you represent have the opportunity to reveal yourselves in this way. Keep up the good work.


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