Why aren’t Canadians reading Canadian books?

I’m sure there are PLENTY of theories on this, some less forgiving than what’s here. But an interesting read.

In the 80s and 90s, writers and publishers excelled at getting the word out about Canadian books. They were helped by a large number of independent book shops that sold Canadian books and a powerful electronic and print media. Those days are gone.

What went wrong? You probably never thought of it, but digitizing is a huge part of the problem. Fifteen years ago the book business here began to rely on American-based digital systems to sell our books. It was part of increasing corporate domination of the publishing world. Digitization makes it possible for publishers to provide online information or metadata about books to bookstores and retailers. But not all retailers use this metadata, which includes some indicators that distinguish between American and Canadian books. “We could do a better job with this,” Genner explains. “So the point in the More Canada report about many systems not showing things like the Canadian author indicator or allowing searches to be filtered on Canadian authors is completely true.”

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