“Safe” old dead white guys

As we’ve learned, our shocked faces lit by the flickering light of the dumpster of our friendships and loyalties on fire in front of us, guys tend to be garbage. My pal Mark and I talk about this sometimes. We’ll mention a friend or colleague or celebrity’s name and say, Jesus, hopefully we don’t find out anything shitty about THIS one… This article offers three old dead white guys that can still be safely read without worrying you’re enabling the racist patriarchal combine… They THINK. Personally. I think I’ve had enough of old white guys…. wait. That’s me. Meh, still….

The easy remedy is to check out works by, you know, not dead old white guys. But also, not every dead old white guy is a shithead who should be ignored and/or forgotten (again, we think). And while a major lesson of #MeToo is that the “great guys” are also just as likely to be private shitheads, there are, by my count, at least three old white guys (all of whom are alive!) who are still “safe” to read (again, for now).

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