In related news: books on phonezzzzzzzz

This short opinion essay’s title gets right to it: Sadly, I Like Reading Books on My Phone Now. Personally, I still can’t, though last year I bought a tablet in anticipation of the day I’ll need to size up the font to be able to read it. (I swear, my mother-in-law’s phone shows like one word at a time, they’re so zoomed.) Listen, as an early generation nerd, I have been sitting in front of computer screens since about 1982. My eyes are tired, man. Tired. So I’ll stick with paper as long as I’m able. Anyway, all this is to say that I fall asleep within two paragraphs even when reading paper, so I think it’s more about age than medium.

When I was a kid I used to read for five or six hours straight without incident, except for having to get up to pee or get a snack, but now I can’t seem to make it more than 20 minutes without falling asleep. I love to read, and I’m very worried about reading enough books before I die, so this bothers me a lot.

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