RBC Taylor Prize cancelled

20 years is all it gets. Always sad to see a chance to pay a writer go away, but as much of a bummer as it is, if it’s not the start of a corporate exodus from the literary prize world, we should all be fine. There are lots of friggin awards.

In a statement, Taylor suggested that Canadian non-fiction readership is now thriving. “It became clear last year that we had achieved every goal Charles and I set out,” she says of the prize. “I am confident that the current interest in well-written Canadian non-fiction will continue to sustain and engage its readership.”

RBC Wealth Management, the prize’s sponsor, agreed with Taylor’s sentiment that the prize had fulfilled its purpose. “As the Prize wraps up, we share the Board’s sentiment that the genre is well-established in Canada,” Vijay Parmar, president, RBC PH&N Investment Counsel, said.

I love how nowhere does anyone say something like, “Yeah, RBC just wasn’t seeing the continued ROI, so they decided to fuck off with their billions and billions of profit made on the backs of Canadians and take the money elsewhere–elsewhere probably being 10 second ads on Candy Crush.”

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