Beattie on NYRB’s publishing program

Fellow geriatriblogger Steven Beattie examines the legacy of the NYRB’s publishing arm dedicated to saving literatures gone-by. When I lived in Manhattan, my neighbour wast Edwin Frank, the editor of this program. Nice guy, and very down to earth. We had a few lunches and he hardly ever talked about publishing. It was delightful.

As a kind of literary counterpart to the Criterion Collection of classic and underappreciated cinema, it is appropriate that NYRB also has a collection of work focused on literature, film, art, music, and dance. Lillian Ross’s classic Picture, often considered one of the best books ever written about the craft and practice of movie making, was brought back into print this year to sit alongside filmmaker Robert Bresson’s musings about movies and creativity, Notes on the Cinematograph. Choreographer Agnes de Mille and jazz great Mezz Mezzrow also have titles back in print thanks to NYRB.

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