Q: What are you going to do with all that space you reclaimed from your crap following the advice of Tidy-Up Lady Marie Kondo?

A: Pay Marie Kondo to refill your condo with some personally curated crap. Well-played, Evil Super-Villain Kondo. If there’s one thing Western cultures like more than a touristy, spiritualamized dip into Eastern cultures, it’s getting back to buying useless shit. This woman is a genius.

Also, it’s fun to remember that another side of Ms. Kondo’s teachings is her cultural animism and non-dualism, the idea that we are inextricably connected to objects and spaces, and that those objects may have souls.

She has written of making allies of your belongings; connect to your pens and pencils, she says, and honor your clothes, you need their support. Buy the sustainably harvested beechwood computer brush, $35, and soothe your computer by swooshing its crumby, crusty surfaces. It may forestall a trip to the Genius Bar.

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