Fresh Nobel gossip

Things are further degrading at Swedish Academy. Having only regained the stomach for looking at books news in September, I haven’t really been following this story, so don’t know where this fits in. (Listen, in truth, unless “berries” follows “Swedish”, I’m not sure how interested I am.)

Author and Nobel committee member Kristoffer Leandoer announced his resignation in in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet on Monday: “I leave my job in the Nobel committee because I have neither the patience nor the time to wait for the result of the work to change that has been started,” he wrote. “The Academy and I have a different perspective on time, one year is far too long in my life and far too short in the life of the Academy.”

Leandoer said his quitting was not linked to the decision to award the 2019 prize to Handke.

The Academy confirmed in a statement that Leandoer and literary journalist Gun-Britt Sundström had both left the Nobel committee, which, until Monday, was made up of four members of the Swedish Academy and five external members. Sundström could not immediately be reached for comment.

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