Crazy science nerds making up their own languages

For the record, none of use could understand them anyway. ConLangs — constructed languages? Now this is the sort of science class I could use. Language is as fundamental to the mind as gravity is to the body, so who wouldn’t want to create a language (then sell it to a shitty scifi show on cable to be used by a race of humanoids who differ from use mostly by wrinkle variations on the forehead)?

One student, who took 24.917 (ConLangs: How to Construct a Language) this fall, created a language for underwater creatures who speak in shades of color. Another invented a language that combines speech with whistling. Senior Jessica Lang’s new language is for spaceships that speak. “It’s not a super logical premise,” she says, “but it’s a lot of fun facing the constraints. And, I like a lot of the words in ‘spaceship-speak’ because they are just really weird.”

Jessica Lang? Oh, that’s a bit on the nose, don’t you think?

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