Man to memorize and perform Finnegans Wake, for some reason

I have tried to read Finnegans Wake probably five or six times. My record is page 32. This guy, who has obviously made a contract with some being from one of the lower planes of Hell and is now paying for it, is going to not only read, but memorize and perform the literary fart-huffer’s whole self-indulgent thing. Finally someone has bested Christian Bök for Sisyphean self-flagellation in the name of art.

Question: how would we know if a version DIDN’T embody all the author’s corrections?

Finnegans Wake, as far as anyone can tell, is about scandal and allegations that befall the Earwicker family in Dublin. It took Joyce 17 years to write it, and Kosaly-Meyer says that’s how long it will take him to memorize it.

Fortunately for him, he’s already six chapters in.

Can’t wait to read the followup interview in 17 years when Carol and the CBC gang catch up with him in the asylum.

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