AYFKM? WTF is George Elliot Clarke thinking?

God, am I ever sick of losing the shine off people I admire to their terrible actions, decisions, and commentary. Worse still, are those who double down on their misguided actions citing some sort of ethical code. I’m looking at you, Peggy. Until this, I had thought GEC a bastion of progressive thinking and acting. According to this article, he is stubbornly choosing the side of a murderer (WHO SERVED ONLY THREE YEARS?!!?!) of an Indigenous woman in Saskatchewan. Please say this isn’t so. Fix it, GEC, and apologize profusely. This isn’t an opportunity for a hypothetical case study in censorship or artistic merit versus authorial history; it’s you grinding a community’s face into the open wound of a hate crime murder that went underpunished, IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY. Fucking 20C French criticism has death-of-the-author’d us into a generation that thinks personal accountability has no place in literature. I call bullshit.

The University of Regina says it won’t cancel or censor a lecture by renowned Canadian poet George Elliott Clarke simply because he edited poetry written by convicted killer Steven Kummerfield, who beat an Indigenous woman to death in Regina 25 years ago.

The lecture, scheduled for Jan. 23, and a lack of consultation with Indigenous groups in advance of it, has now become so contentious that it has triggered resignations, calls for a boycott and pleas from some faculty and student groups to cancel or postpone the talk.

In 1995, two white, middle-class, young men — Steven Kummerfield and Alex Ternowetsky — lured Pamela George, 28, a single mother who occasionally sold sex to help support her children, outside the city, beat her to death and then bragged about it.

One thought on “AYFKM? WTF is George Elliot Clarke thinking?

  1. Here’s what GEC was thinking. “My friend ended up serving only 3.5 years because of a sexist and racist judge who decided that the victim, an indigenous woman, a sex worker, partly deserved the rape and death at the hands of two young white man.” It’s from a talk he gave in Rome, where he was trying to think carefully about the relationship between writers and crime, writers and criminals,
    and his own family, which included a murderer—a fact which was kept hidden from him as a child.



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