A theme park based on the fairy tales of Pushkin? Givver. But Alison Flood (who I seem to have been linking to on Bookninja for nearly 20 years) takes it a step further. Why not other writers? Stephen King for instance? I’d hit that ride. Please exit the blood tub to the right through existential dread turnstiles and remember to take all your body parts with you.

If we can have Pushkinlandia, then what else can we hope for? Discworld World? A Stephen King-themed park, hopefully in Derry, Maine? Looking into this, I discovered the delightful fact that Universal Studios Florida did once plan “an elaborate dark ride” themed on the master.

“Part-way through, riders would pull into the unload station and hear the usual instructions on how to exit without extensive bodily injury. But the restraints wouldn’t lift and the ride wasn’t over. A Shining-sized deluge of blood would flood out of the exit doors, Pennywise Itself would spring from the control room and riders would hurtle deeper into the nightmare/toward the gift shop,” reveals the Bloody Disgusting website.

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