Canadian Poetry sales down

I imagine Canadian poetry sales are probably pretty static, year after year. What’s down is the number of people buying pseudo-philosophical platitudes accompanied by 10 second line drawings. Why? Because, as this article notes, they all bought their copies of Moo Juice and Bee Shit back in 2018.


That’s how many poetry volumes were sold in Canada in 2019. Actually, they’re “poetry category units” according to BookNet Canada, the organization that measures sales in this country; it’s about to release these numbers in its 2019 Canadian Book Market survey. And those quarter of a million sales were worth $5,829,054.38 to the overall books industry. That represents 1.9 per cent of the entire nonfiction category of books.

That sounds great until we look at the 2018 numbers, provided by BookNet in its Canadian Book Market survey for that year. In 2018, there were 483,675 poetry units sold, with a value of $11,110,395.66. Of the entire nonfiction category it accounted for 3.2 per cent.

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