What can we learn from Indie booksellers who survived the digital blip?

This guy thinks of himself as a business anthropologist. That’s a neat term, but I imagine “Guy Who Helps You Make More Money” would sell his services better. Anyway, he looks at why and how Indies are making a comeback and implies its a model we can apply to other sectors staring down the Amazon/etc. double barrels. The Three C’s part is the crux of it, I guess.

Hunter Street Books in the Megopolis of Peterborough, ON

Even as indie bookstores continue to reinvent themselves, their growth over the past decade offers several lessons for other independent retailers, Raffaelli says. By leveraging community ties, local businesses can appeal to consumers’ desire for authenticity and connection in the internet age.

“In today’s digital world, consumers are turning to local retailers to help them engage and build deeper relationships in their neighborhood. It’s one way to successfully compete with Amazon,” Raffaelli says. “Indie bookstores offer a story of hope and symbolize the power of community as a source of competitive advantage.”

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