On influencers

I kind of hate that word now. I just see disease when I look at it. Like “influencer” is the social version of the biological influenza. And my advancing age makes me cranky enough and vaguely conservative enough to doubt whether most people who would call themselves such actually read. But that said, Publisher’s Weekly has some tips on how to get your (self-published) book into the hands of influencers (cough, hack, spit) who will support it, whether or not they’ll bother to read it.

Everyone wants earned media, but, though it comes without cost, it does require effort. Because outlets that cover books are shrinking or disappearing, there is more competition than ever for reviews and attention. Still, traditional book publishers’ marketing plans tend to focus on securing earned media that they know and have experience approaching. These include recognized review publications, as well as TV, radio, print, and online outlets.

As self-published author, you should seek alternative options to gain momentum. These include local and regional media, influencers in your target market, and any person who is likely to answer your emails or pick up the phone when you call.

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