D&D as a foundation for being a storyteller

Cartoonist Jim Zub on how D&D made him the storyteller he is (audio). I have an article that’s similar (about foundational values) over at The Walrus. Daily I am amazed at how popular the game has become. I walk the streets freely now wearing D&D tshirts that advertise my geekiness for the entire world to see and never once to I experience name calling, stomach punches, wedgies, or even the dreaded “Read Admiral”. At least, not about D&D.

Jim Zub is an award-winning Canadian comic book writer who says he learned a lot about life — and found his future career — by playing Dungeons and Dragons as a kid. Now, he’s writing guidebooks as well as hosting a podcast about the role-playing game. He joined guest host Laurie Brown live in the q studio to talk about the effect Dungeons and Dragons has had on his career and why the game is exploding in popularity again.

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