Coronavirus vs publishing

Listen, people, I need to get something out of the way: I live on an island in the middle of the North Atlantic for a reason, so, bear with me a moment while I outline something. I really don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but if this virus turns into some version of the zombie apocalypse, especially given the SPECTACULAR SHITSHOW that is the American response to its advent in the States and the fact that our government can’t even follow through on some basic election promises much less take its mind off oil long enough to think of other things, I’ll be advocating for locking down the airports and docks and riding this motherfucker out while you all die. No offense, but I have not only done a lifetime of post-apocalypse reading, I’ve also played four of the five Fallout franchise games, and I am totally prepared to don some studded leather outfits, trick out my Mazda 5 with wheel spikes, and spray paint my teeth chrome. And before you even think about getting on a homemade boat and paddling over this way to escape, just remember, I’ll be waiting on the beach with a shotgun modified to shoot alternating rounds of rock salt, penicillin, and shrapnel made of Black Horse beer bottle caps.

All joking (not joking) aside (just joking) (not), here is an article about how its affecting publishing in Italy, ground zero for the virus in Europe. (Don’t worry, I’m joking) [shakes head slowly]

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