The libraries, they are a-changing

This wee Vermont paper marvels at the change in the modern library. Sometimes when I see things like this, I am both happy that the American public still receives the occasional article about intellectual pursuits, and sad that this article wasn’t appearing 10 years ago when some of the idiots now voting down there were still young enough to be educated.

Though these murmured conversations, rustling pages and clicking of digital devices did not exactly equal silence, every patron on all three floors of the Fletcher Free was in shush mode, as if a librarian with finger to lips stood before them. As if this place were considered sacred. Yet when a gaggle of children burst through the front door with unrestrained outdoor voices, no one looked up. The bubble of excitement soon disappeared into a kids’ yoga class.

Anyone who has ever entered a library is familiar with this scene — the self-enforced hush, the attitude of tolerance, the freedom of access. But if you haven’t been to your public library in, oh, the past 10 or 20 years, you might be surprised by how things have changed.

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