How much book-purging is too much book-purging?

Judging by the state of my house, I’d say any more than two books at a time. Seriously, we probably have 3000-5000 books in this house, overflowing from the damn shelves and into boxes in the basement that haven’t even been unpacked since the move-in seven years ago.

But I digress: an older patron of a New Brunswick library is upset that the younger librarian who was in charge there and donated 2/3 of their historic collection to a book sale has been appointed head of libraries for the province. Tough call. On one hand, to one person “Historic Collection” could mean vitally important documents while to another it could mean The Hoard They Found Old Joe Boudreau’s Body Under. Frankly, I sympathize. Having driven through New Brunswick several times, I can’t imagine there’s much to do but read and perhaps climb trees. It’s like the entire province is a highway surrounded by forest. THERE AREN’T EVEN REGULARLY SPACED TIM HORTON’S POCKING THE HIGHWAY LIKE THE CAPITALIST ARTERY PLAQUE YOU FIND IN EVERY OTHER PROVINCE. It’s disorienting, I tell you.

The new head of the New Brunswick Public Library Service got rid of a significant collection of books at the Kings Landing library when he was in charge of the historical settlement, according to a former employee.

Darrell Butler helped build up the Kings Landing library over more than 40 years as the chief curator and manager of heritage resources.

The books dealt with topics such as the history of agriculture, wagons, furniture and ceramics, and staff used them for research and reference, said Butler.

“The books were very specialized and, well really, they were collectors’ items, some of them individually worth over $100,” he said.

But in 2016, when Kevin Cormier was the CEO of Kings Landing, Butler discovered some of the books for sale at Value Village in Fredericton.

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