Welcome to your new life in the apocalypse

It’s Monday and the proverbial shit has hit its associated fan, and we’re getting a full dose of realistic dystopia. Turns out it’s less about tricked out wasteland hot rods competing for fuel (and even less so about watching sad-but-pretty Ryan Gosling navigate his own desire for humanity) and more about people walking around with crusty butts because no toilet paper. Guys, do us all a favour and just listen to the experts. Follow the advice of people who went to school to learn about this shit. You don’t know jack, except what they tell you. So take their word as gospel. This situation is why we invented experts. When the great poetry crisis of 2030 strikes, it’ll be me you listen to. Until then, it’s them.

Updates below:

  • Book business disrupted (buy some books online from small sellers, or call and order);
  • Canada Reads postponed? Time to crack open each other’s heads and feast on the goo inside? (Whatever will CBC Books post about five times a day now? Books news?);
  • Libraries are dropping like flies (NYC, Toronto, St. John’s… Oh, wait… WE STILL DON’T HAVE A FRIGGING DOWNTOWN LIBRARY);
  • Even iconic indy Powell’s is closing;
  • Both the NYT and the Washington Post are taking down the paywall on their coronavirus coverage (the WSJ also did the same, but I figure it’s mostly conservative types screaming and lists of investor suicides);

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