Should you take up poetry rn?

C’mon, man, don’t be a square. Everyone’s doing it. You want to be cool? Then get out that black beret and turtleneck, yo. Cory Booker, the president of Ireland, your schmuck next door neighbour with the combover, probably Bono. This funny bit on LitHub got me blud all hetted up. Both fun and an important public service: a flow chart on whether you should take up writing poetry during your pandemic isolation. Real talk here, people: go ahead. Write as much as you want. But, please, for the love of god, if you’re going to release it into the wild, put in at least the tiniest bit of research into how to actually do it. I have seen so much bad poetry lately that I’ve been half-tempted to record and release for free on YouTube my intro poetry lectures… If we can’t sandbag against the flood, maybe we can add some Kool-Aid powder so the water will taste better. And most of all, when all this is over and you go back to your job in sales, please remember that you turned to art in your time of crisis and stop whinging every time the gubment spends a penny on the sector.

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