Emily St. John Mandel interview

The publicity team behind this behemoth campaign has got this young woman everywhere. I relate to many of her answers here, including A Canticle for Leibowitz as her favourite dystopian novel, which I read as a teen as well. Maybe time to reread? People, including Ms. Ninja, keep telling me to read her Station Eleven, but we’ve lost our copy somewhere in the house.

Your previous novel, Station Eleven, featured a global pandemic – Georgia Flu. In light of the coronavirus, does the novel now seem worryingly prescient?

It doesn’t, but only because I read so much about pandemics when I was writing it. This is not to make light of pandemics at all – it’s a terrible situation – but this is just something that happens from time to time in human history. There have been pandemics before and there will be again. I think the unfortunate reality is that every few years Station Eleven will seem horribly relevant.

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