Hey, desperate homeschooler

Are you looking for guided reading lesson plans? [opens trenchcoat**] I got your guided reading lesson plans right here for real cheap like. (I know what you’re thinking…. You’d prefer UNGUIDED reading plans so you can get some shit done. But who are you kidding? You’re not getting anything done except growing new cellulite and making terrible memories you’ll one day force your grandchildren to listen to. So just go read with your kids.)

Guided reading is a method of literacy instruction that is generally done in a small group setting in a way that allows students to encounter and understand ideas and concepts they have not seen before. Working with their educator, readers might go over previously read text or words, apply known reading strategies to new texts, and/or engage in conversations about what they have read.

For parents or guardians interested in working with their student, my recommendation would be to start by reading new texts together and then discussing what you’ve read. For younger kids, this might mean having them read some new sentences from an age-appropriate text that makes use of words they already know.


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