Has the ‘Rona reduced you to poetry?

I kid: you have been elevated! Between April being Poetry Month and the current pandemic, people are searching for meaning by turning to transcendental works — poetry specifically (for the more secular, I imagine). They’re even making a show out of poetry, somehow. But it’s not like you can just go from no-poetry to poetry-all-the-time and not feel overwhelmed. If you haven’t spent the last almost 30 years reading poetry like me, you’re probably wondering if you’re doing it right (pro tip: there probably isn’t a right way). So here are some training wheels for those intimidated by the thought of riding the poety bicycle.

April is National Poetry Month, so it’s the perfect time to be reading (and reciting) more poetry. Poetry helps us make sense of the world around us in a personal and deep way, so it’s a truly vital art form. If you’ve suffered some poetry-related trauma—perhaps a teacher graded you poorly for your interpretation of a poem, or maybe you’ve read something so obtuse it left you cold—you can come back around to loving poetry. If you’ve never cared much for poetry in the first place, there’s no more efficient way to get amazing words into your brain, so give it a try this month. Here are some frameworks for thinking about poetry, as well as beautiful poems to accompany them.

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