BookNet reads our national tea leaves

BookNet has got some nifty info on how Canadians read. My strength as a commentator and critic lies mostly in going: listen to these guys over here, so that’s what I’m gonna do because I see data and charts and my interest goes up but my raw processing power goes right into the shitter. All I see are purty colours and lines.

At the beginning of this year, BookNet Canada surveyed 1,266 Canadians about their leisure and reading behaviours in 2019. We asked in-depth questions that helped us understand how Canadians spent their leisure time, identify changes from last year’s study results, determine reading preferences and trends, and more.

From the 1,266 people we surveyed, we identified 1,000 respondents who had read books in any format during 2019. Here are some highlights of the study. And, if you love data as much as we do, we highly encourage you to read the full Canadian Leisure & Reading Study 2020.

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