We were apparently ripe for the plague

The world was ripe for this. Not just in terms of rampant overpopulation and a system of capitalist profiteering predicated on the blood of its workers, but also apparently in fiction. While the BBC looks at long gone writers who predicted a world plagued by …. uh …. plague, several current writers, most famously Emily St. John Mandel, were already back on this train. Canadian Writer and old Bookninja pal Saleema Nawaz had her own eerily prescient pandemic novel Songs for the End of the World bumped from an August release to an e-book wideband this month, and now Emma Donahue, who Canada also likes to claim, apparently had a similarly-themed book sitting in the can waiting for pub date is seeing her book rushed for July.

Go buy Saleema‘s and Emma‘s books, please.

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