A part of this balanced breakfast?

Is breakfast the most literary of the meals? NYT asking the the hard-hitting questions we need asked right now. (Ms. Ninja can turn anything into breakfast by putting an egg on it. And it’s always delicious. When I try similar it just ends up as food poisoning.)

Breakfast is the least analyzed meal. With quarantine, it’s taken on new meaning. We’re no longer grabbing a coffee and a corn muffin from the minimart, hustling to work as if Vince Lombardi were chewing us out. Some of us are taking more care with it.

There’s a small literature of the meal. I’ve owned breakfast cookbooks I’ve never opened. (Breakfast cookbooks are always slightly ridiculous.) But there is also, if you’re alert to it, a lot to be gleaned from novels, biographies and memoirs about starting your culinary day.

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