On access and e-books

Some interesting info here from BookNet on new accessibility initiatives in the ebook world. A lot of this is way out of my wheelhouse, but I like to wideband things on this issue that is finally getting some attention. Mostly I don’t read ebooks, and for me accessibility largely means the chance to go to book conferences online or have books delivered with groceries. Glad to see this work being done.

In March 2019, the Canadian federal government announced a $22.8 million budget, spread over five years, to support accessible publishing in Canada. This was the apex of many conversations among book publishers, ebook developers, accessibility service organizations, librarians, and publishing support organizations about accessibility in digital publishing. And it was thrilling and inspiring.

We’re at an accessible publishing tipping point — in Canada, and more broadly in publishing. There’s a metric tonne of good work happening right now in many different quarters. I will encapsulate what I’m aware of here but if I am missing something, please do correct me. I welcome hearing about other projects.

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