Morning, sunshines

I keep a Slack chat open with a group of buddies all day and we spend time in there joking and chatting and complaining. This morning I suggested that Mondays should begin with a sock puppet show to gently ease you into the week, explaining that not only isn’t it the weekend anymore, but that it is time to sober up and start doing the things you are expected to, accompanied by a primer on what those things are. “You are a ______. That means you do things like _____, ______, and _______. And if you don’t do these things, you will die impoverished and alone.” Then the puppets would hand you a coffee and say, “Take your time. So long as you’re at your desk by nine.” Here’s hoping a browse through news of the shitshow that is our world acts as that puppet show for you today. Up and atom!

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