Having trouble following through?

A psychologist explains why it’s so hard to concentrate on reading right now. (Dudes, just pay me $75, half of what a psychologist will charge you, and I’ll tell you all the same things, but without an education to back it up. I may also throw in a free hug.)

Something I’ve heard quite often during the pandemic is, “I can’t read anymore.” That’s mostly because I write a recommendations column where I match people with books to suit their moods, and the mood a lot of people are in right now is “terrified, angry, and sad,” which makes it hard for them to focus on anything, even a book.

For people who are used to self-soothing with a favorite novel, the inability to read is a loss. A small loss, given the scale of tragedy we are all dealing with right now, but a loss nonetheless. So I wanted to find out more about why the state of constant anxiety so many people are living in has left a lot of us unable to read.

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