Does being a reader mean you’re smart?

Does wearing track pants mean you run track? Narp. BUT…. On the other hand, all track stars DO have track pants, if you know what I’m saying. Anyway, CBC asks some smarty-pants types about the question above.

We tend to think that reading is a sign of intelligence, that we are improved by reading, that there are books we must read and others beneath our attention. 

But are our assumptions well-founded? Not really, according to an array of literary front runners who speak with IDEAS contributor, Barbara Nichol.

After a bookish conversation at a dinner party, she went on a quest to explore the assumptions we have about reading, readers and books. She sought out writers, critics, scholars and journalists: some of the keenest minds and most original thinkers in the literary world. 

And what they had to say is both surprising and delightful.

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