Happy Victoria Day, Canada

I’m just posting a few news bits here for the Yanks and Brits (wait, do they get a holiday too, considering it’s their humourless autocrat we’re celebrating? Go back to bed, then, guv’nors) who might show up looking for something to do other than remember it’s Monday. In Canada, the weekend past is traditionally when we celebrate the end of possible snow storms and the ceremonial opening of the Labatt products at our many cottage built on land we stole from the people who were already here when we arrived in this country looking for pristine lakes to take selfies in front of while mounted on Seadoos. Or something like that. I didn’t pay attention in the state-sponsored revisionism called ninth grade History. Definitely we were the douches, though. And every year we celebrate that by getting as douchey as possible among the natural wonders of the land we still illegally call our own.

This Heritage Minute has been brought to you by….

Vicky herself… Imagine the (not-real, don’t worry) right of primae noctis being evoked back then… Yeesh

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