Save the literary journals!

This pandemic has got me so bored, I actually sent an unsolicited submission to a journal, which is not something I usually do. This article advocates for Aussie journals, but the issues at hand track across national boundaries. My first publications were in Canadian journals. The first time I submitted, I had no idea what I was doing and stupidly sent out the same five poems to five different journals. It was only after I’d sent them and told my mentor that I learned that was a no-no. He said not to worry, though, because it was unlikely any would even get accepted. I was super lucky that all five got accepted, but at different magazines. I’m not going to lie, I sort of swaggered into his office six months later with the letters. The first acceptance to come in was from The Antigonish Review, but my second acceptance (from Event) ended up appearing first. So, yes, they do help emerging writers. In my case, it was unearned arrogance, but still, it did help. Please make sure they survive!

Uncertainty, instability and fragility are perhaps the defining characteristics of small magazines.

The decisions to not fund literary magazines not only have a significant impact on the individual publications, but also to Australian cultural discourse.

What gets published within the pages of these magazines can entertain us, it can inspire us to critically examine the world around us, and can help us understand culture that moves us.

Vibrant discussion about culture, society and the arts does not happen by accident. It must be carefully nurtured and requires financial support.

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