Tell me why…

I don’t like Mondays. I hate waking up to find out things went to shit over the weekend. So much wasted potential. Every week you hope, but every week it’s the same garbage. A strange new world out there every day, it seems, but especially on Mondays. Photos from Toronto this weekend show thousands of people crowding our old haunt of Trinity-Bellwoods park, and today the same scene is all over CNN with Americans flooding vacation hot spots as the country tries reopen (cue 2nd wave death train!) I don’t know why, but I was surprised about Toronto in a way I wasn’t about the USA. I often forget that Toronto is Canada’s most American city (yes, even over Calgary). I mean, they not only voted in a crackhead mayor, they then voted in his drug-dealer older brother as premier of the province. The real Toronto, for me, is no longer the city itself, but the people I glommed onto as a friend group within it. It’s not the place I remember anymore. It’s become a caricature of its own inferiority complex/wannabe hopeful about America. Sigh.

Pictured above: Bunch of fucking idiots

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