New Rowling story is free

Children’s author and noted TERF supporter JK Rowling is releasing a free serialized story for kids called The Ickabog (<<read at this link). Free is exactly the right price point for Rowling, so far as I’m concerned. She’s a billionaire and for as much good as she does, she also does stupid shit like back TERFs, so I’m not willing to shoot her any more money than I already have (all four kids read the same copies of the Potter books — at least until Book 5 when things got so bloated and unedited that even the kids were like, “When will this fucking thing end?”) Anyway, here’s hoping the chapter a day buys you some time to yourself under the guise of educating your children on reading.

The Ickabog, which is set in an imaginary land unrelated to any of Rowling’s other works, will be serialised online from Tuesday afternoon, in 34 daily, free instalments. It will then be published as a book, ebook and audiobook in November, with Rowling’s royalties to go to projects assisting groups impacted by the pandemic.

Rowling described The Ickabog as “a story about truth and the abuse of power”. It came to her “well over a decade ago”, so she stressed that it “isn’t intended to be read as a response to anything that’s happening in the world right now”.

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