Permission to fling that book over your shoulder like a half-eaten chicken drumstick

Here’s another one of those articles that gives you permission to dump a book like a mediocre boyfriend. I feel like this is useful advice for many things in life: if you’re not enjoying something, cast it from your life into the fire like Isildur should have done with the One Ring. Books, drinks, jobs, marriages, “friends”, JK Rowlings, trips to that one grocery store that is local but is always stocked like its Romania in 1984, etc.

I love reading books I hate. I used to hate it (which you’d think is the normal way of things) because I was one of those people who would force myself to finish a book, even if every turn of the page filled me with unmitigated dread. Even if each sentence made my brain wince. For some reason, I placed moral value on not giving up until I had reached the back cover.

I no longer do that. I learned that life is too short to indulge in things that do not give a great return on my energy, emotion or time. So you might say I enjoy tossing a book I am disliking across a room (though I’m not cavalier enough to do that: I just snap it shut in a decisive way). The relief of calling time on something one is not enjoying, and which is not enriching, brings a warmth and lightness.

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