How are publishers looking at reopening?

Can you imagine being told to come back to work in the US right now? You’d be like, dudes, I did not sign up to be a firefighter running into burning buildings. FFS, I work in editorial. It’s like the opposite of firefighting. I set fires under people for a living. How am I supposed to do that while constantly trying to not get burned? Publishers Weekly looks at how the industry is surveying the situation with an eye to reopening.

All publishers are working to balance the safety of their employees with a desire to return to some form of normalcy. For the most part, however, the uncertain course of the pandemic has made companies reluctant to move too quickly to fully reopen their offices, particularly as questions surrounding mass transit and childcare remain unresolved. “We are not going to put anybody’s health in jeopardy by rushing the reopening process,” one company executive said; that sentiment was echoed by all publishers contacted by PW.

To prepare for bringing back employees, one company described some of the changes it has made: new protocols for lobby screenings, improved circulation and air flow, new foot traffic patterns and floor plan adjustments, and new policies regarding mandatory PPE and social distancing.

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