George RR Martin apparently shit the bed at the Hugos

Personally, I would never want to do something like host an awards show anyway, because who even knows what nonsense would come out of my mouth, but it sounds like Martin may have learned this himself at the virtual event for the Hugos (world’s biggest sff awards, if you didn’t know). Funny, because GoT seemed so, uh, forward-thinking and diverse….. ….. ….. ….. ….. Vulture has some recap and then a bunch of reaction tweets, which is what seems to constitute a news article these days.

What diversity problem?

George R.R. Martin hosted the digital ceremony for the 2020 Hugo Awards, the annual event dedicated to science-fiction and fantasy writers and creators, on Friday. To celebrate a particularly diverse year of nominations — Comic Years reports that the all-female slate of Best Novel nominees was a Hugo first — Martin opted to repeatedly reference racist figures in the science-fiction community. Martin also bungled the pronunciation of several names, including those of winner Rebecca F. Kuang and FIYAH, a Black quarterly magazine run by Black writers.

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