Monday news craptasm

Well, I feel a cold coming on. Garden variety, non-feverish, non-purple-toed cold. That, or St. John’s is suddenly overrun with goldenrod. Whatever it is, though, basically means I must stay indoors and/or away from others until it’s gone because that’s the responsible thing to do, even with a mask, and even in a province that has weathered this crisis better than most places in the world (we only have one known active case, and it’s travel-related, not community spread.) Besides, I can only imagine the shady side-eye I’d get from my NL peers if I were out sniffing and coughing in public. I know they’ll do this because I have already done it to others. Big deadline this week too, on the manuscript for my next book, so it’s probably best I just lock myself to this idiot box for a few days. Blerg.

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