How things are diver-SciFi-ing

See what I did there? It was pretty subtle. Look again. Anyway, this is a great discussion at Polygon in which various industry professionals talk about how the trend toward diversity in the spec community will affect its future. I know myself that my favourite books of the of the last few years have been writers of Colour, including Marlon James, NK Jemisin, Eden Robinson, Liu Cixin, etc.

For the last 10 years, science fiction literature has been radically diversifying, with more stories and books being imported from other countries, and more LGBTQ authors and writers of color being recognized and celebrated in the genre than ever before.

But what does that actually mean to the field? It’s easy to say “Science fiction is more inclusive than it used to be,” or “authors are more diverse.” But how is that actually effecting change, and what does it mean for the next decade of science fiction? We reached out to a group of BIPOC editors and curators working in science fiction what to ask what kinds of changes they’re seeing in the field so far, and what they think and hope the next decade will hold as a result of the way authorship is changing.

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