Monday Monday

Tomorrow, the Great American Experiment comes to an end, one way or the other, and the last battles of their Civil War, begun so long ago, should start to take shape. It’s the conservative vs progressive, racists vs allies, stupid vs science, misogyny vs feminism, hate vs love, money vs people, and billionaires vs everyone. And no matter which side wins, there’s going to be more than enough of all these things to go around.

Gee, that’s depressing. Let’s try for something cheerier.

Halloween is over, so cue the Christmas carols! It’s November: time for you to start mindlessly purchasing things to prop the illusion we call The Economy and ensure that you, like a tree changing sunlight to energy to live, convert your sweat and pain and allotted time into lifegiving nutrients for the world’s billionaires. Enjoy your existence, you life-support-transit-vehicle for a wallet.

Well, I tried.

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