Well, well, well…

It’s like an action movie where the hero defuses the nuclear bomb with 1 second left on the timer, and everyone cheers, but I’m like, “Look at the trail of dead bodies behind him and FFS, THERE’S STILL AN ARMED NUKE RIGHT THERE!”

So…. Let the next three months of democracy shattering shenanigans begin!

And then, of course (assuming there’s no actual civil war that breaks out), there’s four years from now when every nutbar in every dark hole in America will worm their way out to run for office. The world won’t be free of dumb-crazy America until they spend 50 years shoring up education down there to offset the last fifty years they’ve spent eroding it. But… but… Kamala! Yes, she’s a pro-incarceration former cop, but she’s also Black, Asian, and a Woman of significant eloquence, skill, and energy. Bam. Even old greasy Joe, shirtlessly washing his Trans Am in the Whitehouse driveway. It’s amazing how a two-party-system can make the centre-right option look like the left, ain’t it? Says something about where Western democracy is headed.

Such a useful image…

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