Hugos add award for video games

Locus reports. I’ve been saying for years that there’s a distinct possibility we’re headed into a world where the novel and the game merge. And to be frank, there are a few games I’ve played that are better-written, more engaging, and deeper than many novels I’ve read. My dream job, frankly, is writing for a large sandbox videogame like Cyberpunk 2077, Skyrim, Fallout, etc. But alas, I am not in my 20s and can’t do 14 hour days. I’ll just do my part and consume the art. OG Twitter thread below.

Since early 2020, many of us have spent more time gaming than we ever expected. This award will offer fans an opportunity to celebrate the games that have been meaningful, joyful, and exceptional over this past year. Video games draw from the same deeply creative well that has fed science fiction and fantasy writing and art for so many years. This innovative and interactive genre has brought us new ways of story-telling as well as new stories to tell and we are glad to honor them.

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